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Is this another US-only thing? AFAIK in the UK (for example), there is no greater "freedom from governmental and neighborhood interference" to be had from living in the country -- Tarquin 21:57, 30 Sep 2003 (UTC)

It definitely is a US thing, though I'm not sure about US-only, I could easily see it happening in Australia for instance, but I've no idea whether or not it actually does. - Hephaestos 22:03, 30 Sep 2003 (UTC)

There are several common restrictions present in most US urban/suburban settings that are unheard of in truly rural areas
    1. no ownership of animals, other than dogs, cats, and other traditional pets (and usually limited to no more than 3 dogs or cats)
    2. no discharge of firearms
    3. no parking of trucks (that's lorries to you, Tarquin) or trailers
    4. limitations on when lawns may be watered
    5. prescribed conditions for lawn care, stipulating for example the maximum height of the grass
    6. noise ordinances
    7. prohibitions on outdoor burning
    8. restrictions on number and type of buildings, generally on a city lot one is permitted to have a house, a garage, and a garden shed. As a rule it is not possible to then construct a second garage or a freestanding workshop or storage building
    9. Requirement for building permits and building inspections for construction and remodeling. This is increasingly required in rural areas, though as a rule the requirements and enforcement are much less stringent.
Further, there are "covenants" present in most recently constructed housing stock that require approval of the neighbors of the color one chooses to paint one's house, that mandate garage doors be kept closed except for egress of vehicles, stipulate the size and color of window shades, etc etc.
As you are probably aware, the actual practical extent of freedoms granted to citizens here in the land of the free and the right to arm bears is, in practice less than what you have in the UK, despite the constitutional guarantees present here.